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When it comes to stability in one’s life, it is comforting to know that in dire circumstances an independent agent has got your back. B A McCallum, CLU can guide you through this complicated process and find a policy that works best for you. This can include finding ways to increase coverage or decreasing your overall cost by bundling insurances.

Insurance will protect you in times of need, which is why it is important to hire capable insurance services that are willing to go the extra mile for you. We can offer you policies from an extensive selection of respectable carriers, and your insurance agent will walk you through all of your options to make sure you understand what to expect.

We specialize in providing quality health insurance services and affordable term life insurance. Those who are looking for an experienced insurance agent in Waupaca, WI, can find one by contacting B A McCallum, CLU.


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Health Insurance

If you are covered under a group health plan, you will receive basic health care benefits. However, many group health plans are susceptible to expenses that are not covered in the plan initially. With B A McCallum, CLU, you will be certain you have the health insurance coverage you need.

Whether you wish to be covered for prescription drugs or dental insurance, we'll find you a plan that will meet your requirements. We offer specially designed plans that will include coverage for all of your main priorities. It can be endlessly confusing to read through the fine print of policies on your own, trying to figure out what all the jargon and legal terms really mean. With B A McCallum, CLU, we make it easy for you to choose the plan that is right for you by simplifying the entire process.

We'll make sure you're covered with the right health insurance. Contact B A McCallum, CLU in Waupaca, WI today for more information about our insurance services.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare supplement insurance is a plan that fills in the gaps in basic benefits left out of the original medicare plans, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. B A McCallum, CLU recommends you visit us in Waupaca, WI to discuss your options.

When enrolling in medical supplement plans, you won’t be turned down for medical reasons. If you are 65 or older and are currently enrolled in Medicare Part B, you are a candidate for this type of supplement during the six months of enrollment. You’ll also have hospitalization coverage of 365 days and your coverage will be nationwide.

Another benefit of having a medical supplement plan is that you will never be dropped as long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums. If you require coverage for prescription drugs, this type of health plan may not be for you. If you’re interested in a Medicare supplement plan, speak with our Medicare insurance agent in Waupaca, WI today.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of your personal safety net, especially if you have financial dependents. It can be a great way to leave a legacy for family and loved ones, but finding an affordable plan that gives you the coverage you need can be a challenge.

Everyone’s situation is different, so let us customize a plan for you. We offer all different types of insurance including universal life insurance and whole life insurance which lasts your entire lifetime. We also have a plans that offer more coverage at a lower cost, which are term life insurance policies.

There is no doubt that the world of insurance can be very complex, which is why it is a good idea to borrow the insights of an individual that has years of experience. If you are looking for a reliable life insurance policy, get in touch with the B A McCallum, CLU in Waupaca, WI.


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